How To Stop Your Cat From Spraying Indoors

Where’s that urine smell coming from?

A common question asked by Cat parents

I should know because this was me once a upon a time!

Coming home from work and as soon as I enter my house

Smell of Cat urine

Where did my Cat spray?

I got no idea!

It can be really frustrating when your Cat sprays indoors

The worst thing is you don’t know where your Cat has sprayed!

So you’re sniffing around everywhere like a police dog searching for drugs!

Don’t get me wrong

Cats are adorable and become family

And they do the cutest things!

But when they spray and mark their territory

It’s not cute anymore right?

I mean that urine smell can literally make your whole house smell really bad

It’s not something you’d want your house to smell like

And no matter how hard you try to get rid of the smell it’s always there

Just this one behavior of spraying can cause a lot of problems

My Cat, when he started spraying in the house (He doesn’t anymore) it would cause serious problems in my family

Some family members were actually saying to get rid of my little furball!

No way that was happening..

It was getting to a point where I had to stop this behavior once and for all

I did not want to risk losing him

So I done research after research on ways you can stop a Cat from spraying indoors

And here’s what I have found out

How To Stop a Cat From Spraying Indoors

How do you stop this behavior?

You can’t physically stop your Cat from spraying

It’s in their nature and it’s their of communicating

So what you need to do is get to the root of the problem

Why is your Cat spraying

What is making him behave this way

It’s all about tackling this problem from the root

Understanding why

So let’s look at different reasons your Cat may be spraying

Medical Problem 

The first thing you should do is take your Cat to the vets to make sure he is okay medically

You see, Cats will urinate all of a sudden due to an infection in the bladder

So you’ve taken your Cat to the vets already and he’s healthy

So now what?

Let’s look at other reasons why your Cat may be spraying in the house and driving you insane!


Cat can get stressed too! And when they get stressed they start to spray

What causes your Cat to stress?

  • Redecorating your home – Cats love routine and as soon as things change this can cause them stress
  • A new pet in the household can cause your Cat to stress because they will feel threatened someone has come into their territory
  • When you’re stressed – Your Cat can sense when you get stressed and this can have a negative impact on your Cat and make him stressed too!
  • When you are not at home for long periods can cause your Cat to get stressed
  • A new Cat coming into the area or neighborhood

Cat spraying and urinating are two different things

Cat spray is drops and if you catch your kitty in action you will see how he erects his tail and quivers letting out a few urine drops. They will spray on things such as carpets, doors, curtains anything that is vertical

Cat urinating is when they leave a puddle. They will sit/squat and urinate and this is on anything that is horizontal such as bed, carpet, floor etc

If your Cat is urinating and not spraying then this could be because of the Litter box

Let’s take a look at what litter box problems

Litter Box Problems 

Litter box plays an important role in why your Cat may be spraying

There are many factors to consider with your Cats litter box

Such as

  • It needs to be cleaned regularly because your Cat will not use a dirty litter box. They themselves are very clean so why would they use a litter box that is not cleaned. Would you use a washroom that is not clean? No right? Then your Cat is the same too!
  • Have you changed the litter because this can cause litter box avoidance as your Cat does not like the litter you’re using. Adding scented litter can put a cat off using the litter box. If you do want to change litter type then you should do this gradually and slowly by mixing them together
  • Putting the litter box in the wrong places can cause your Cat to avoid using the litter box. Do not place the litter tray near your Cats food because I’m sure your Cat would not want to relieve themselves by their food bowl. Another place where you shouldn’t put the litter box is by the dryer or washing machine because this can scare your Cat which will result in your Cat associating the litter box with something scary. Make sure the litter box is in a safe and private area, so your Cat has privacy and also a escape route
  • You need to make sure you have more than one litter box per cat as some Cats like to poo in one and pee in another


Your Cat is not spraying to get you angry and frustrate you

It’s natural for them and it’s in their behavior

Stress is the most common to why Cats spray

There are so many things can that cause stress to your Cat and it’s important to keep your Cat stress free for a cat urine free house

It can be hard to stop this behavior and it does take understanding and patience

It won’t last long

If you want to fix this problem FAST and not keep going back to Google and researching even more that will just get you confused then you should check out Cat spraying no more which is a step by step system on how you can stop your Cat from spraying permanently

I bought this guide myself and would highly recommend this book to all Cat parents because it goes through all the different reasons why your Cat is spraying and how you can stop this forever

It goes in real depth and will help you solve this common problem!

You can read my non bias review of Cat spraying no more by clicking here 

If you want more tips and advice on all Cats behavior and keeping them healthy then visit 

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