How To Be The Best Cat Parent Ever!

I’m sure you’re already being the best cat parent you can be

But can you get better?

Of course you can

I can too

There’s always room for improvement

I mean we do spoil our little furballs cause they’re so damn cute!

Well I do!

I spoil him with treats

He’s too cute! Lol

He looks at me and slowly blinks and then meows with a purr.. How can you say no to that!??

I know it’s not a good thing to keep giving him treats and I’m working on that

Well kinda – I try to avoid any eye contact!

Anyways, that’s enough about me spoiling my Cat

Let’s talk about how you can be the best Cat parent ever!

How To Be The Best Cat Parent Ever

Register at the Vets

I think the first thing you need to do is choose a very good veterinarian and get registered with them

One that is close by of course (If you can)

Because you’ll need to get your Cat checked up at least every 6 months

And if your Cat does need medical attention you have a Veterinarian close by

Spend Time With Your Cat

Cats playing.jpg

This is very important

There’s a myth that goes something like this – Cats are independent and they don’t need us

That is not true at all

Cats need us as much as we need them (Well maybe not as much as we need them!)

They do need the love and affection

They do yearn for our attention

Cats are emotional animals and they’re sensitive too

Take some time out during the day and spend some quality time with them

At least 15 – 20 minutes

Play with them with toys that your Cat can use his hunter skills

This bonding will create a special bond between you two and will only increase the love.. Cute right?

Groom Your Cat

Although Cats spend nearly 30% of their lives grooming themselves I’m sure they would appreciate a little helping hand

Especially long haired Cats

Groom your Cat regularly as this will also improve your Cats skin, coat and any hairball issues

It’s also a great bonding session too

Catify Your Home

What do I mean by Catify?

Make your home or at least a room suited for your Cat

Get a Cat tree, maybe some safe Cat plants

You could also get some Cat shelves so your Cat can sit someplace high as this gives them a sense of security. It also gives your Cat a whole view of their territory. Yep, your house belongs to your Cat… Oh and you do too (I’m sure you’re aware of that already!)

Talk To Your Cat

Converse with your Cat

Talk to him regularly and tell him how your day was

Tell your Cat how much you love him

Did you know you can actually hold a conversation with your Cat

Similar to a parent and a child

How awesome is that?

You could actually tell your Cat you love them in a way they understand

Want to know how you could do this?

Check out this guide called Cat Language Bible

Click here to read the Cat Language Bible Review 

cat language bible

More about that later on though so keep reading

Feed Your Cat High Quality Food

What I mean by this is to give your Cat food that has high in nutrients

You don’t need to get the most expensive brand, you just gotta get food that is healthy for your Cat and will give him the right nutrients

Try to keep a schedule on when you feed your Cat

You don’t want to overfeed him and he becomes obese as this will cause health problems

Fresh Water Available

You’ve probably noticed how your Cat does not drink too much water

If you’re giving your Cat wet food then water is already in them so there’s nothing to worry about

But having fresh water available for them is something you should do

This is just caring for his basic needs

Whenever your Cat feels like having fresh water, it’s already available for him

These are some tips and advice to becoming the best Cat parent ever!


Look, the most important thing is to care for your Cats essential needs such as food, water a roof above his head

This is something we all do right? It’s pretty obvious

Something I would like to emphasize on is to spend time with your little kitty

Give them your attention

Show them how much you love them and appreciate them

Just you and your Cat

Put away the cellphone and give your Cat your undivided attention

This will show your Cat how much you love them

Remember when I mentioned The Cat Language Bible?

I would really recommend getting this guide

It will help you care for your Cat better

You will be able to learn how to actually communicate with your Cat

We all can spend money on toys and Cat trees for our Cats

That’s easy because we buy it and they can play with it on it (Cat tree)

But taking out time out to learn how we can be better Cat parents and learn how to communicate with them, that’s a different level

It’s more emotional

Our Cats are not room mates, they’re family right?

Let’s show them how much we love them by investing our time in learning ways to communicate with them in such a way that you could have a conversation with them!

Sounds bizarre right? Sort of?

Then check it out by reading The Cat Language Bible Review

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