Litter Box Avoidance Problems

One of the most common problems a Cat parent can face is when the Cat refuses to use the litter box. 

It can be very frustrating as a Cat parent to have your expensive furniture or new floors spoiled by cat urine or poop.
When you find an accident it is important not to punish your cat as it wont help them return to the litter box.
As a Cat parent we have to find the solution to the problem and see what is causing the cat to avoid the litter box.
Finding a Solution
  • Making sure the litter box is always clean. This becomes a problem when too many cats are using one litter box, cleaning it often should solve the problem
  • Cats become use to having there litter box in one place. Changing the spot for the litter box to suit us may result in cats soiling around the house.
  • Some cats may not like the smell or texture of a new litter.
  • Using self cleaning tools may make our life easier but the noise may scare your cat and take time for them to get use to
  • Always make sure the litter box is the right size. Having the box too small may make your cat uncomfortable
  • Litter box that have a hood may scare your Cat.
Getting your cat back on track and using his or her litter box may take some time, but in most cases a solution can be found that will work for both you and your feline friend.
If you are having difficulty getting your Cat to use the litter box then I would recommend Cat Spraying No More
It’s a awesome guide that helps you get your Cat to use the litter box permanently!
You can read a full in depth review by clicking here 

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