Stopping Your Cat From Peeing On The Bed

Hey fellow Cat parents!

Hope you are all doing well and having fun with your Cats

Or the other way round, they’re providing you with entertainment!

In this little blog post I want to talk about Cats peeing, not on your Couch or rug… But your bed!

The worst thing is,

You’re so tired

You just want to get into bed

It’s been a long day and you don’t want to do anything else but just get some sleep!

You have to be up early tomorrow too!

So there you are, getting ready for bed and you see a wet patch

So you’re thinking you might have dropped some water (maybe but highly unlikely)

Until you take a sniff and smell something familiar


It’s Cat urine!

Your little furball has decided to pee in your bed

And you’ve just seen it before going to bed!

Forget about sleeping now, you have to clean this pee up

That’s not even the last thing you’d want to do

But you got no choice and have to clean the pee up 

Don’t get me wrong, Cats are cute and they’re family

Until they start doing things that can frustrate you

Let me tell you something

It’s not your Cats fault

They’re just behaving how they should

It’s in their nature to pee anywhere and everywhere at times

It’s kinda like there way of showing you something is up

So what you need to do is find out why your Cat is peeing on your bed and not using the Litter Box

A bit like detective mode


Your Cat is not going to tell you why they’re doing this you see

So let’s look at the different reasons why your little feline friend has decided to use your bed as his litter box!

Possible Reasons Your Cat Is Peeing On Your Bed

The first thing you need to look at is your Cats medical condition

You need to take your Cat to the Vets to make sure he’s okay and healthy

The reason why is your Cat won’t just pee outside the Litter box for no reason

Something could be wrong with your Cat which is causing your furball to pee in your bed

A Cat peeing outside the Litter box could be a sign of a medical condition

Not always, but it’s best to get a check up done just to be on the safe side

Here are a few medical conditions a Cat could suffer from

  • Diabetes
  • Kidney Stones
  • UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)
  • Arthritis

You see why it’s so important to take your Cat to the Vets asap!



Yep, Cats can get stressed too

And this stress leads to litter box avoidance

There are many factors that can trigger stress in your Cat

Let me list a few

  • New addition to the family such as a new baby, New Pet, Someone has come to stay over
  • Change in your Cats routine
  • Going to the Vets!

You can learn more about Cats being stressed and how to help them when they are by checking out this blog

Litter Box Problems


Litter box plays a big part when it comes to your Cat peeing elsewhere

Believe it or not, the location of your Litter box is important

You need to make sure it’s somewhere safe for your Cat to use

Try not putting the litter box near the washing machine or a dryer.. basically some place where it makes load of noise!

That will scare your little feline friend and will create a negative association with the Litter box

Try to put the litter box in a private spot where there’s a escape route for your Cat

If you live in an apartment, it can be difficult to find the best spot to put the litter box

Check out Where to put Cat litter box in a small apartment for some great tips and advice

Other things you need to consider is

  • Add another Litter box if you just have the one. The general rule is to have 2 litter boxes per Cat
  • Make sure the litter box is cleaned everyday.. I know hard work! But you’d rather do that then clean up pee on your bed right?
  • The right litter -Cats can be fussy (I’m fussy too lol)

Another to mention is maybe your Cat is not using the litter box due to old age?

Check out this article for more information 

Clean Your Bed Sheets

It’s obvious right

You’re not going to sleep in that same bed sheet where your Cat urinated lol

But you have to make sure it’s cleaned properly

You might not be able to smell the Cat urine, but your Cats senses are very strong and they could smell it which will make them want to go back to the very same spot and pee again!


When your Cat pees in your bed, it can be really frustrating

I mean, nobody wants to go into bed only to find a puddle of Cat urine!

The important thing to remember is never to shout or punish your Cat

This can just make matters worse!

Your Cat will become afraid of you and this can lead to more urine puddles everywhere!

Dig deep and figure out why your Cat is not using the litter box

Yes, I know it’s difficult and can be frustrating but the solution to this problem is to find out the root of it

If you’re like me and want the answers all one page then I would recommend checking out Cat Spraying No More
Cat Spraying No More

It’s a guide that teaches you how to get your Cat to use the Litter box

To be honest, I actually purchased this guide myself and boy it’s actually really awesome!

You can read a review of this by checking out Cat Spraying No More Review 

That’s it from me!

I hope you got value from this little blog

Here’s to being the best Cat parent ever!

How To Stop Your Cat From Peeing Everywhere (& Finally Use The Litter Box!)

Hey fellow Cat parents!

Today I’m going to talk about how you can stop your Cat from peeing all over the house and how you could get them to use the Litter box

The last thing us Cat parents want is a house that smells like urine!

Or stepping in puddle of urine

On your expensive beautiful rug

Or leaving puddles of urine on your expensive couch!

Cats can become expensive

But you can stop this behavior of peeing everywhere

It’s really simple

But does require patience

Trust me, it’ll be worth it

And worth the effort too

After all, we do love our Cats right?

I’m sure you don’t want to always be angry with your Cat because he’s urinated on your beautiful rug

You want that perfect relationship with your Cat right?

Then you need to understand why your Cat is peeing everywhere

So let’s first go through the reasons why your Cat may be peeing all over the house

Why Is My Cat Peeing Everywhere!

The first thing you need to do if your Cat is peeing everywhere is to get your Cat checked up at the Vets


Because it could be a medical condition which is causing your Cat to pee all over the house and not use the litter box

Your Cat could be suffering from UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) which is actually common in Cats

You see, an infection will cause your Cat to not use the litter box because he’s in pain

This is their best way and the only of your Cat telling you there’s a problem

Other medical conditions could be

  • Kidney Stones or Kidney infections
  • Bacterial Infection
  • Diabetes
  • Pain

Do you see why it’s important to get your Cat checked up asap

Okay, so you’ve got a check up done at the Vets already and fortunately your Cat is healthy as can be! (Happy days!)

Check Your Kitty Litter Box!

Sometimes the solution to the problem is the easiest and simplest (If that makes sense lol)

Check your Cats litter box and if it’s dirty and not cleaned properly then chances are your Cat is not using it because of that

I mean, would you use a washroom that is filthy and dirty?

Same goes with your Cat

Try to clean your Cats litter box twice daily (I know it’s hard work but hey! we are owned by our Cats right?)

Other things you can do is

  • Make sure your Cat has easy access to the Litter box – Make it easy for them to use the litter box and also a easy escape route
  • Use the right Litter – Cats tend to like unscented litter
  • Make sure the litter box is in the right location – Give your Cat some privacy!
  • Don’t put the Litter box next to where your Cat eats or in places where there is a lot of noise such as the Laundry room or next to a Dishwasher – This will scare your Cat and will create a negative association with the Litter box

Possible Emotional Reasons


Cats will start peeing outside the litter box for emotional reasons too

Yes that’s right, Cats do get emotional too

One of the emotional reasons can be a change in environment

Cats love routine and as soon as that gets disrupt it can cause them stress

And when they get stressed then that means they will not use the litter box and pee on your favorite rug!

Want to learn how to calm a Cat that’s stressed? Click here 

Territorial Problems 

If you have a multi cat household and your Cat is spraying then it is most likely due to territorial

Cats love their territory and if any other Cats comes within the boundary then they will start spraying. It’s a way of them communicating with other Cats and telling them “this is my territory so back off!”

If you have only one Cat then other Cats from the area are probably coming into your garden or just the area and your Cat is worried so he’ll spray in the house to feel more secure because he can smell his own scent

Let me just mention, spraying and peeing/urinating are two completely different things

When your Cat sprays then he’ll leave drops of urine on things that are vertical such as doors, curtains, couch leg etc

Cat urine is pretty much a puddle. This is when your Cat actually urinates

How To Get Your Cat To Use The Litter Box – FAST

Getting your Cat to use the Litter box can be difficult

But that does not mean it’s impossible

It does require some effort and patience

It is frustrating when your whole room smells like Cat urine!

I remember when my Cat would spray all over the house

And it would literally smell so bad! (You know how bad the smell is)

And trying to figure out why he’s behaving in this manner is like finding the last piece of the missing jigsaw puzzle!

It got to a point where family members were saying to get rid of him!

I know right, how the hell can I give up my Cat.. He’s family

So that was never going to happen

I had to do something quick!

And I hate working under pressure (I’m glad my day job does not involve pressure as much lol)

Searching over the internet can become overwhelming too

So I heard of this guide called Cat Spraying No More

And you know what

It actually looked really interesting

It’s a guide that helps you understand why your Cat is spraying and also why your Cat is avoiding the Litter box

It goes really deep into the reasons and then how you can get them to stop spraying and use the Litter box again

I read the testimonials and other Cat parents were saying that this guide helped them

To be honest, the sales page actually does look a bit sketchy but I decided to give it a go!

And I don’t regret it one bit

Guess what

My Cat stopped spraying completely!

Now my house doesn’t smell like urine anymore (happy days)

I get to keep my Cat which is the best part (Although I’d keep him regardless!)

Sometimes, searching all over the internet and getting this advice and that advice can become overwhelming and information overload

It’s best to follow a guide that has everything all in one place which you could follow

And that’s exactly how Cat spraying no more is
Cat Spraying No More

It’s a step by step system that anyone can follow!

If you want to know more about this guide and want to read a review then this review is really good because you know what you’re going to get and what is the pros and cons

Click below now and find out more if this is for you

Cat Spraying No More Review 

Hope this article gave you some valuable tips and advice and a solution to solve this behavior from our little feline friends

That’s all from me!

Make sure to follow me because I try to update this blog as much as I can

Here’s to being the best Cat parent ever!

Why Cats Spray (& How You Could Stop This Behavior)

When your Cat starts to spray all over the house this can become a really BIG problem

I should know.

My Cat used to love spraying in the house

He would mark his territory anywhere and everywhere

The worst part?

I had no idea where he’s actually sprayed

So I come home from work or from going out and the whole room is engulfed with this foul smell of Cat urine!

It’s not a puddle of urine because that’s when a Cat has actually urinated

This is little drops of urine

It baffles me how these small spots of urine can actually make your whole house smell really bad!

I bet you think the same too right?

Anyways, it is really frustrating

Don’t get me wrong, Cats are adorable and the best pet you can have!

Until they start marking their territory and spraying everywhere!

But thankfully, my Cat has stopped spraying completely now

How did I do the impossible?

More about that later on so make sure you carry on reading till the end

Let’s look at the reasons why your Cat is spraying first and then we’ll look at different ways you can stop this behavior

I will then let you know what I did to stop this behavior


Let’s get straight into it!

Why Cats Spray?

There are many reasons why Cats spray


When your Cat sprays it because they are communicating with other Cats and the main reason is to let other Cats know that this is their territory

It’s natural for your Cats to spray (even though you may not like it)

This is their way of communicating with other fellow Cats

It shouldn’t be looked at as bad behavior because it’s what Cats do

They don’t think they’ve done something bad and they’re certainly not trying to frustrate you or get you angry

Here’s other reasons why your Cat may be spraying

  • To create a familiar scent in their territory (Your house)
  • To create a boundary on area of territory belongs to them
  • Reacting to neighborhood Cats
  • To claim a new object or furniture
  • Stress (yes, Cats can get stressed too)
  • Not adjusting to the changes in their environment (Eg – New baby in the house, moving houses, change of routine)
  • Recognizing their own scent

These are some of the reasons why Cats spray

It’s amazing how amazing these animals are right?

I’m always fascinated about Cats the more you learn about them

I’ve always been a Cat lover since a very young age

Enough about me (I can go on all day! LOL)

Now that we know why Cats spray, let’s look at how you can stop this behavior

How To Stop Your Cat From Spraying

Get a Vet Check

This is the first thing you should do because Cats don’t usually spray for no reason or just out of the blue! It could be a UTI or a disease which is causing them to spray

If you notice your Cat has started to spray all of a sudden then you should book an appointment at the Vets just to make sure they’re okay medically

Don’t punish your Cat 

This is the worst thing any Cat parent could do. Shouting at your Cat or even hitting them will just make this behavior even more worse

Your Kitty will even be scared of you too

Like I said before, it’s natural for your Cat to spray

The best thing to do is to find out why they are spraying and tackle the problem from the root

Use a REALLY GOOD Urine odor remover 

You’d want to clean the area where your Cat has sprayed with Urine odor remover – one that has Enzyme cleaners in them

Click here to get the best Cat Urine Remover 

Change your Cats mental connections 

What do I mean by this?

Wherever your Cat has sprayed, try changing that place with something else that your Cat may enjoy so she looks at that spot as something else other than to spray their

You could place her toys or a Cat tree (If you can) where she’s sprayed

This will change her association with that area

Keep Doors Closed

Try and keep your Cat out of the rooms where she’s spraying

Address Any Inter Cat Issues 

Try to sort out any territorial competition between Cats if you have a multi Cat household. Make sure they each have their own feeding bowls and have their own litter box. The general rule is 2 litter boxes per Cat because some Cats like to pee in one and poo in another

Stopping these competition between your Cats will help stop the spraying

If your Cats are always in each others neck then sometimes it’s a good idea to gradually reintroduce them again as this will help stop the fighting and the spraying and marking their territories indoors

Stop Neighborhood Cats 

Try keeping neighborhood cats off your area and near your house. You can do this by placing safe deterrents around the outside of your home

You can also block your little feline friends view of any unwanted visitors by covering your windows. This is only for a temporary basis until you know that other Cats have stopped visiting

Interact With Your Cat 

cats playing

You should interact with your Cat on a daily basis.. This should already be done regularly but if you notice your Cat has started spraying then you should show even more love and affection to your Cat. This will help your Kitty feel more secure and feel less anxious.

You can learn more about how to keep your Cat happy by checking this article out below

Here are some of the ways you can stop your Cat from spraying indoors

Do you want to know a quick and fast way to stop your Cat from spraying?

Going through all this step can be hard

And it does require A LOT of patience

Whilst trying to figure out why your Cat is spraying, your Cat continues to do so

So you’re playing detective but your whole house is smelling like Cat urine

You need to follow a system

A step-by-step guide

Something you can easily follow

It can be overwhelming getting information from this website and then another website says to do this

I would recommend checking out this awesome guide called Cat Spraying No More
Cat Spraying No More

It’s a proven step by step to help stop your Cat from spraying

You can read a review about this guide by clicking the link below

Cat Spraying No More Review 




How To Be The Best Cat Parent Ever!

I’m sure you’re already being the best cat parent you can be

But can you get better?

Of course you can

I can too

There’s always room for improvement

I mean we do spoil our little furballs cause they’re so damn cute!

Well I do!

I spoil him with treats

He’s too cute! Lol

He looks at me and slowly blinks and then meows with a purr.. How can you say no to that!??

I know it’s not a good thing to keep giving him treats and I’m working on that

Well kinda – I try to avoid any eye contact!

Anyways, that’s enough about me spoiling my Cat

Let’s talk about how you can be the best Cat parent ever!

How To Be The Best Cat Parent Ever

Register at the Vets

I think the first thing you need to do is choose a very good veterinarian and get registered with them

One that is close by of course (If you can)

Because you’ll need to get your Cat checked up at least every 6 months

And if your Cat does need medical attention you have a Veterinarian close by

Spend Time With Your Cat

Cats playing.jpg

This is very important

There’s a myth that goes something like this – Cats are independent and they don’t need us

That is not true at all

Cats need us as much as we need them (Well maybe not as much as we need them!)

They do need the love and affection

They do yearn for our attention

Cats are emotional animals and they’re sensitive too

Take some time out during the day and spend some quality time with them

At least 15 – 20 minutes

Play with them with toys that your Cat can use his hunter skills

This bonding will create a special bond between you two and will only increase the love.. Cute right?

Groom Your Cat

Although Cats spend nearly 30% of their lives grooming themselves I’m sure they would appreciate a little helping hand

Especially long haired Cats

Groom your Cat regularly as this will also improve your Cats skin, coat and any hairball issues

It’s also a great bonding session too

Catify Your Home

What do I mean by Catify?

Make your home or at least a room suited for your Cat

Get a Cat tree, maybe some safe Cat plants

You could also get some Cat shelves so your Cat can sit someplace high as this gives them a sense of security. It also gives your Cat a whole view of their territory. Yep, your house belongs to your Cat… Oh and you do too (I’m sure you’re aware of that already!)

Talk To Your Cat

Converse with your Cat

Talk to him regularly and tell him how your day was

Tell your Cat how much you love him

Did you know you can actually hold a conversation with your Cat

Similar to a parent and a child

How awesome is that?

You could actually tell your Cat you love them in a way they understand

Want to know how you could do this?

Check out this guide called Cat Language Bible

Click here to read the Cat Language Bible Review 

cat language bible

More about that later on though so keep reading

Feed Your Cat High Quality Food

What I mean by this is to give your Cat food that has high in nutrients

You don’t need to get the most expensive brand, you just gotta get food that is healthy for your Cat and will give him the right nutrients

Try to keep a schedule on when you feed your Cat

You don’t want to overfeed him and he becomes obese as this will cause health problems

Fresh Water Available

You’ve probably noticed how your Cat does not drink too much water

If you’re giving your Cat wet food then water is already in them so there’s nothing to worry about

But having fresh water available for them is something you should do

This is just caring for his basic needs

Whenever your Cat feels like having fresh water, it’s already available for him

These are some tips and advice to becoming the best Cat parent ever!


Look, the most important thing is to care for your Cats essential needs such as food, water a roof above his head

This is something we all do right? It’s pretty obvious

Something I would like to emphasize on is to spend time with your little kitty

Give them your attention

Show them how much you love them and appreciate them

Just you and your Cat

Put away the cellphone and give your Cat your undivided attention

This will show your Cat how much you love them

Remember when I mentioned The Cat Language Bible?

I would really recommend getting this guide

It will help you care for your Cat better

You will be able to learn how to actually communicate with your Cat

We all can spend money on toys and Cat trees for our Cats

That’s easy because we buy it and they can play with it on it (Cat tree)

But taking out time out to learn how we can be better Cat parents and learn how to communicate with them, that’s a different level

It’s more emotional

Our Cats are not room mates, they’re family right?

Let’s show them how much we love them by investing our time in learning ways to communicate with them in such a way that you could have a conversation with them!

Sounds bizarre right? Sort of?

Then check it out by reading The Cat Language Bible Review

How To Stop Your Cat From Spraying Indoors

Where’s that urine smell coming from?

A common question asked by Cat parents

I should know because this was me once a upon a time!

Coming home from work and as soon as I enter my house

Smell of Cat urine

Where did my Cat spray?

I got no idea!

It can be really frustrating when your Cat sprays indoors

The worst thing is you don’t know where your Cat has sprayed!

So you’re sniffing around everywhere like a police dog searching for drugs!

Don’t get me wrong

Cats are adorable and become family

And they do the cutest things!

But when they spray and mark their territory

It’s not cute anymore right?

I mean that urine smell can literally make your whole house smell really bad

It’s not something you’d want your house to smell like

And no matter how hard you try to get rid of the smell it’s always there

Just this one behavior of spraying can cause a lot of problems

My Cat, when he started spraying in the house (He doesn’t anymore) it would cause serious problems in my family

Some family members were actually saying to get rid of my little furball!

No way that was happening..

It was getting to a point where I had to stop this behavior once and for all

I did not want to risk losing him

So I done research after research on ways you can stop a Cat from spraying indoors

And here’s what I have found out

How To Stop a Cat From Spraying Indoors

How do you stop this behavior?

You can’t physically stop your Cat from spraying

It’s in their nature and it’s their of communicating

So what you need to do is get to the root of the problem

Why is your Cat spraying

What is making him behave this way

It’s all about tackling this problem from the root

Understanding why

So let’s look at different reasons your Cat may be spraying

Medical Problem 

The first thing you should do is take your Cat to the vets to make sure he is okay medically

You see, Cats will urinate all of a sudden due to an infection in the bladder

So you’ve taken your Cat to the vets already and he’s healthy

So now what?

Let’s look at other reasons why your Cat may be spraying in the house and driving you insane!


Cat can get stressed too! And when they get stressed they start to spray

What causes your Cat to stress?

  • Redecorating your home – Cats love routine and as soon as things change this can cause them stress
  • A new pet in the household can cause your Cat to stress because they will feel threatened someone has come into their territory
  • When you’re stressed – Your Cat can sense when you get stressed and this can have a negative impact on your Cat and make him stressed too!
  • When you are not at home for long periods can cause your Cat to get stressed
  • A new Cat coming into the area or neighborhood

Cat spraying and urinating are two different things

Cat spray is drops and if you catch your kitty in action you will see how he erects his tail and quivers letting out a few urine drops. They will spray on things such as carpets, doors, curtains anything that is vertical

Cat urinating is when they leave a puddle. They will sit/squat and urinate and this is on anything that is horizontal such as bed, carpet, floor etc

If your Cat is urinating and not spraying then this could be because of the Litter box

Let’s take a look at what litter box problems

Litter Box Problems 

Litter box plays an important role in why your Cat may be spraying

There are many factors to consider with your Cats litter box

Such as

  • It needs to be cleaned regularly because your Cat will not use a dirty litter box. They themselves are very clean so why would they use a litter box that is not cleaned. Would you use a washroom that is not clean? No right? Then your Cat is the same too!
  • Have you changed the litter because this can cause litter box avoidance as your Cat does not like the litter you’re using. Adding scented litter can put a cat off using the litter box. If you do want to change litter type then you should do this gradually and slowly by mixing them together
  • Putting the litter box in the wrong places can cause your Cat to avoid using the litter box. Do not place the litter tray near your Cats food because I’m sure your Cat would not want to relieve themselves by their food bowl. Another place where you shouldn’t put the litter box is by the dryer or washing machine because this can scare your Cat which will result in your Cat associating the litter box with something scary. Make sure the litter box is in a safe and private area, so your Cat has privacy and also a escape route
  • You need to make sure you have more than one litter box per cat as some Cats like to poo in one and pee in another


Your Cat is not spraying to get you angry and frustrate you

It’s natural for them and it’s in their behavior

Stress is the most common to why Cats spray

There are so many things can that cause stress to your Cat and it’s important to keep your Cat stress free for a cat urine free house

It can be hard to stop this behavior and it does take understanding and patience

It won’t last long

If you want to fix this problem FAST and not keep going back to Google and researching even more that will just get you confused then you should check out Cat spraying no more which is a step by step system on how you can stop your Cat from spraying permanently

I bought this guide myself and would highly recommend this book to all Cat parents because it goes through all the different reasons why your Cat is spraying and how you can stop this forever

It goes in real depth and will help you solve this common problem!

You can read my non bias review of Cat spraying no more by clicking here 

If you want more tips and advice on all Cats behavior and keeping them healthy then visit