How To Stop Your Cat From Peeing Everywhere (& Finally Use The Litter Box!)

Hey fellow Cat parents!

Today I’m going to talk about how you can stop your Cat from peeing all over the house and how you could get them to use the Litter box

The last thing us Cat parents want is a house that smells like urine!

Or stepping in puddle of urine

On your expensive beautiful rug

Or leaving puddles of urine on your expensive couch!

Cats can become expensive

But you can stop this behavior of peeing everywhere

It’s really simple

But does require patience

Trust me, it’ll be worth it

And worth the effort too

After all, we do love our Cats right?

I’m sure you don’t want to always be angry with your Cat because he’s urinated on your beautiful rug

You want that perfect relationship with your Cat right?

Then you need to understand why your Cat is peeing everywhere

So let’s first go through the reasons why your Cat may be peeing all over the house

Why Is My Cat Peeing Everywhere!

The first thing you need to do if your Cat is peeing everywhere is to get your Cat checked up at the Vets


Because it could be a medical condition which is causing your Cat to pee all over the house and not use the litter box

Your Cat could be suffering from UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) which is actually common in Cats

You see, an infection will cause your Cat to not use the litter box because he’s in pain

This is their best way and the only of your Cat telling you there’s a problem

Other medical conditions could be

  • Kidney Stones or Kidney infections
  • Bacterial Infection
  • Diabetes
  • Pain

Do you see why it’s important to get your Cat checked up asap

Okay, so you’ve got a check up done at the Vets already and fortunately your Cat is healthy as can be! (Happy days!)

Check Your Kitty Litter Box!

Sometimes the solution to the problem is the easiest and simplest (If that makes sense lol)

Check your Cats litter box and if it’s dirty and not cleaned properly then chances are your Cat is not using it because of that

I mean, would you use a washroom that is filthy and dirty?

Same goes with your Cat

Try to clean your Cats litter box twice daily (I know it’s hard work but hey! we are owned by our Cats right?)

Other things you can do is

  • Make sure your Cat has easy access to the Litter box – Make it easy for them to use the litter box and also a easy escape route
  • Use the right Litter – Cats tend to like unscented litter
  • Make sure the litter box is in the right location – Give your Cat some privacy!
  • Don’t put the Litter box next to where your Cat eats or in places where there is a lot of noise such as the Laundry room or next to a Dishwasher – This will scare your Cat and will create a negative association with the Litter box

Possible Emotional Reasons


Cats will start peeing outside the litter box for emotional reasons too

Yes that’s right, Cats do get emotional too

One of the emotional reasons can be a change in environment

Cats love routine and as soon as that gets disrupt it can cause them stress

And when they get stressed then that means they will not use the litter box and pee on your favorite rug!

Want to learn how to calm a Cat that’s stressed? Click here 

Territorial Problems 

If you have a multi cat household and your Cat is spraying then it is most likely due to territorial

Cats love their territory and if any other Cats comes within the boundary then they will start spraying. It’s a way of them communicating with other Cats and telling them “this is my territory so back off!”

If you have only one Cat then other Cats from the area are probably coming into your garden or just the area and your Cat is worried so he’ll spray in the house to feel more secure because he can smell his own scent

Let me just mention, spraying and peeing/urinating are two completely different things

When your Cat sprays then he’ll leave drops of urine on things that are vertical such as doors, curtains, couch leg etc

Cat urine is pretty much a puddle. This is when your Cat actually urinates

How To Get Your Cat To Use The Litter Box – FAST

Getting your Cat to use the Litter box can be difficult

But that does not mean it’s impossible

It does require some effort and patience

It is frustrating when your whole room smells like Cat urine!

I remember when my Cat would spray all over the house

And it would literally smell so bad! (You know how bad the smell is)

And trying to figure out why he’s behaving in this manner is like finding the last piece of the missing jigsaw puzzle!

It got to a point where family members were saying to get rid of him!

I know right, how the hell can I give up my Cat.. He’s family

So that was never going to happen

I had to do something quick!

And I hate working under pressure (I’m glad my day job does not involve pressure as much lol)

Searching over the internet can become overwhelming too

So I heard of this guide called Cat Spraying No More

And you know what

It actually looked really interesting

It’s a guide that helps you understand why your Cat is spraying and also why your Cat is avoiding the Litter box

It goes really deep into the reasons and then how you can get them to stop spraying and use the Litter box again

I read the testimonials and other Cat parents were saying that this guide helped them

To be honest, the sales page actually does look a bit sketchy but I decided to give it a go!

And I don’t regret it one bit

Guess what

My Cat stopped spraying completely!

Now my house doesn’t smell like urine anymore (happy days)

I get to keep my Cat which is the best part (Although I’d keep him regardless!)

Sometimes, searching all over the internet and getting this advice and that advice can become overwhelming and information overload

It’s best to follow a guide that has everything all in one place which you could follow

And that’s exactly how Cat spraying no more is
Cat Spraying No More

It’s a step by step system that anyone can follow!

If you want to know more about this guide and want to read a review then this review is really good because you know what you’re going to get and what is the pros and cons

Click below now and find out more if this is for you

Cat Spraying No More Review 

Hope this article gave you some valuable tips and advice and a solution to solve this behavior from our little feline friends

That’s all from me!

Make sure to follow me because I try to update this blog as much as I can

Here’s to being the best Cat parent ever!

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