Why Cats Spray (& How You Could Stop This Behavior)

When your Cat starts to spray all over the house this can become a really BIG problem

I should know.

My Cat used to love spraying in the house

He would mark his territory anywhere and everywhere

The worst part?

I had no idea where he’s actually sprayed

So I come home from work or from going out and the whole room is engulfed with this foul smell of Cat urine!

It’s not a puddle of urine because that’s when a Cat has actually urinated

This is little drops of urine

It baffles me how these small spots of urine can actually make your whole house smell really bad!

I bet you think the same too right?

Anyways, it is really frustrating

Don’t get me wrong, Cats are adorable and the best pet you can have!

Until they start marking their territory and spraying everywhere!

But thankfully, my Cat has stopped spraying completely now

How did I do the impossible?

More about that later on so make sure you carry on reading till the end

Let’s look at the reasons why your Cat is spraying first and then we’ll look at different ways you can stop this behavior

I will then let you know what I did to stop this behavior


Let’s get straight into it!

Why Cats Spray?

There are many reasons why Cats spray


When your Cat sprays it because they are communicating with other Cats and the main reason is to let other Cats know that this is their territory

It’s natural for your Cats to spray (even though you may not like it)

This is their way of communicating with other fellow Cats

It shouldn’t be looked at as bad behavior because it’s what Cats do

They don’t think they’ve done something bad and they’re certainly not trying to frustrate you or get you angry

Here’s other reasons why your Cat may be spraying

  • To create a familiar scent in their territory (Your house)
  • To create a boundary on area of territory belongs to them
  • Reacting to neighborhood Cats
  • To claim a new object or furniture
  • Stress (yes, Cats can get stressed too)
  • Not adjusting to the changes in their environment (Eg – New baby in the house, moving houses, change of routine)
  • Recognizing their own scent

These are some of the reasons why Cats spray

It’s amazing how amazing these animals are right?

I’m always fascinated about Cats the more you learn about them

I’ve always been a Cat lover since a very young age

Enough about me (I can go on all day! LOL)

Now that we know why Cats spray, let’s look at how you can stop this behavior

How To Stop Your Cat From Spraying

Get a Vet Check

This is the first thing you should do because Cats don’t usually spray for no reason or just out of the blue! It could be a UTI or a disease which is causing them to spray

If you notice your Cat has started to spray all of a sudden then you should book an appointment at the Vets just to make sure they’re okay medically

Don’t punish your Cat 

This is the worst thing any Cat parent could do. Shouting at your Cat or even hitting them will just make this behavior even more worse

Your Kitty will even be scared of you too

Like I said before, it’s natural for your Cat to spray

The best thing to do is to find out why they are spraying and tackle the problem from the root

Use a REALLY GOOD Urine odor remover 

You’d want to clean the area where your Cat has sprayed with Urine odor remover – one that has Enzyme cleaners in them

Click here to get the best Cat Urine Remover 

Change your Cats mental connections 

What do I mean by this?

Wherever your Cat has sprayed, try changing that place with something else that your Cat may enjoy so she looks at that spot as something else other than to spray their

You could place her toys or a Cat tree (If you can) where she’s sprayed

This will change her association with that area

Keep Doors Closed

Try and keep your Cat out of the rooms where she’s spraying

Address Any Inter Cat Issues 

Try to sort out any territorial competition between Cats if you have a multi Cat household. Make sure they each have their own feeding bowls and have their own litter box. The general rule is 2 litter boxes per Cat because some Cats like to pee in one and poo in another

Stopping these competition between your Cats will help stop the spraying

If your Cats are always in each others neck then sometimes it’s a good idea to gradually reintroduce them again as this will help stop the fighting and the spraying and marking their territories indoors

Stop Neighborhood Cats 

Try keeping neighborhood cats off your area and near your house. You can do this by placing safe deterrents around the outside of your home

You can also block your little feline friends view of any unwanted visitors by covering your windows. This is only for a temporary basis until you know that other Cats have stopped visiting

Interact With Your Cat 

cats playing

You should interact with your Cat on a daily basis.. This should already be done regularly but if you notice your Cat has started spraying then you should show even more love and affection to your Cat. This will help your Kitty feel more secure and feel less anxious.

You can learn more about how to keep your Cat happy by checking this article out below


Here are some of the ways you can stop your Cat from spraying indoors

Do you want to know a quick and fast way to stop your Cat from spraying?

Going through all this step can be hard

And it does require A LOT of patience

Whilst trying to figure out why your Cat is spraying, your Cat continues to do so

So you’re playing detective but your whole house is smelling like Cat urine

You need to follow a system

A step-by-step guide

Something you can easily follow

It can be overwhelming getting information from this website and then another website says to do this

I would recommend checking out this awesome guide called Cat Spraying No More

Cat Spraying No More

It’s a proven step by step to help stop your Cat from spraying

You can read a review about this guide by clicking the link below

Cat Spraying No More Review 




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